Weightlessness #1

A soundtrack for your flotation relaxation sesssions


A bespoke soundtrack

As some of you may have noticed this summer, the music in our flotation pool has recently changed.
For the past few weeks, a soundtrack composed of ambient music has been accompanying your relaxation sessions during this flagship Bath House experience.
This soundtrack, conceived by Milo, a member of the Parisian collective La Boucle, is the first mix of the podcast series “En Apesanteur” (Weightlessness).
You can discover these podcasts initially in the flotation pool and then listen back online from the Nama Stream blog.


1 – Golden Ivy – Kläppen II

2 – Suso Saiz – Nothing Ends

3 – New World Science- Movement 3

4 – Donato Dozzy – 12H.5

5- Young Marco – Sacred Space

6 – Gaussian Curve – Impossible Island

7 – D.K. / S.K. Hammond Blue

8 – Adam Oko – The Burrow

9 – Hiroshi Yoshimura – Feel

10 – Joe Hisaishi – Inner Voyage

11 – Suzanne Kraft – Renee Sleeping

12 – Golden Ivy – Sov, sov, lille man