The Nama experience

Unique rituals and ancient ceremonies: ultimate well-being at the heart of the Maison de Bains bath house



A soft, soothing light diffuses among the floral frescos and subaquatic music in this Epsom salts pool, created to induce moments of sensory isolation which help you to forget the passing of time.

Le Hammam

Inspired by the image of the lotus, a symbol of purity, our traditional hammam allows you to experience intense muscular relaxation and elimination of toxins: a deep cleansing of the skin and reinvigoration of the respiratory system.


The Bath House offers 5 differents saunas inspired by bathing traditions from around the globe: a panoramic sauna, Aufguss sauna, forest sauna, sauna with crystal salts and a sauna with infrared rays.

The outdoor

Our two fabulous exterior swimming pools are equipped with current flows, waterfall fountains and underwater jets, offering truly memorable moments of relaxation among an exceptional mountain vista.



Relaxation space
& infusion salon

Take time out for a siesta on a water-bed or sip an evocative infusion from our tea selection: moments of pure simplicity to enhance the Bath House experience

Ice fountain and
Plunge pool

Have you discovered thermotherapy? Plunge into a pool of cold water or use the ice fountain after visiting the sauna or hammam: the contrast of temperature stimulates the whole body, enhancing the well-being experience to immerse you into a state of profound relaxation.

Not just a spa, the Bath House is a new temple of well-being with an Indian ambience.